TEC – Cardno Merger

In October, 2011, TEC became a wholly owned subsidiary of Cardno USA, Inc., a professional services company that is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. TEC leadership welcomed the opportunity to join the diverse group of Cardno USA companies, finding a great deal of compatibility between the cultures, goals, and professional standards of Cardno and TEC and believing that the specialized services of the other Cardno companies will allow TEC to provide a wider range of environmental management, civil and structural engineering, transportation, marine, water modeling, and planning services.

TEC leadership also welcomed the form of this merger because it will allow TEC to function under the same leadership and with the same staff that has made it a successful company. TEC remains a legal entity and will continue to operate as it did prior to the merger.

The merger also means that TEC is now a key part of Cardno Limited, an international industry leader headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, with a combined resource base of more than 4,600 staff working on projects in more than 85 countries.

The merger with Cardno Limited allows TEC to offer a broader range of environmental, natural resource management, engineering, international development assistance, project management, and planning services across many countries including Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Indonesia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, China, and United Arab Emirates.

Cardno’s other U.S. businesses include Cardno ENTRIX, Cardno ERI, Cardno WRG, Cardno TBE, Cardno Emerging Markets and XP Solutions. Additional Information on Cardno USA, Cardno Limited, and the Cardno group of companies can be found at, www.cardno.com