Sustainability Initiative

Our Commitment to SustainabilityTEC's Sustainability Initiative
Cardno TEC has long been foremost in innovative and proactive approaches for our clients. Our success is founded on an intuitive understanding of our client needs as well as our ability to be “ahead of the curve”. This philosophy also extends internally to how our business operations are conducted and managed. The employees of Cardno TEC remain committed to meeting the needs of today without compromising those of tomorrow. We are a leading consulting firm to the renewable energy industry, serving clients in wind, solar, geothermal, and tidal energy in the United States and abroad. We are also active in supporting clients in construction and green building. Like these clients, we believe in leading by example.

Cardno TEC’s Sustainable Business Practices Policy demonstrates our commitment to conducting our business in a manner that promotes environmental stewardship and a desirable quality of life. The strategies identified in this Policy also increase our bottom line by decreasing costs through conservation, reduction and resource efficiency. Many employees and offices have always incorporated sustainable practices into their daily activities-from riding bikes to work, to telecommuting to recycling. Cardno TEC recognizes these efforts as part of our corporate philosophy and we continue to empower our employees to expand their sustainable practices.

Among the areas we focus upon include:
• Reducing Cardno TEC’s use of energy and natural resources around the globe;
• Encouraging alternative methods of transportation;
• Promoting the recycling of paper, glass, aluminum, plastic and other products;
• Reducing the type and quantity of the waste we generate, and handling them in a responsible manner; and
• Reusing and recycling equipment, furniture, and other durable materials.