Infrastructure Management

Feasibility Study of Northern Ports in Haiti

Cardno TEC is working as part of a team under a USAID Master Contract (MWH Americas is the prime contact holder) to prepare a Feasibility Study for the development of a new port on the northern coast of Haiti.

The inadequacy of Haiti’s main port in Port-au-Prince became clear in the immediate aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, when life-saving relief supplies and food could not reach the affected populations because of extreme congestion in and around the port. In addition, the government of Haiti has made a commitment to create economic opportunities outside of Port-au-Prince and bring economic growth to Haiti’s regions; the development of a port in the northern region is critical to economic decentralization. The purpose of the Haiti Northern Ports Feasibility Study is to assess the feasibility of establishing a container port at Fort Liberté and/or significantly upgrading and modernizing the current port facility at Cap Haïtien.

The Cardno TEC Team was selected to perform a study that includes site selection, terminal planning, conceptual design, capacity analysis, cost estimating, and an environmental assessment, as well as providing the team with the Chief of Party.