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Conceptual and Schematic Design of New Data Center for Information Technology Center, University of Virginia

Cardno TEC collaborated with Hypertect Inc. to design an Information Technology Center Data Center for the University of Virginia in direct response to present and anticipated computing system requirements. Cardno TEC employed innovative strategies into the system design for the Center, with reliability being a critical component. Cardno TEC’s approach combined original material types (i.e., red brick veneer, translucent panels, white metal panels, and a white EPDM roof) with a new 5,500 SF raised computer floor in the equipment room. The greatest challenge was the necessity to double IT capacity, power, and cooling of the entire Data Center without service disruption. Severe site limitations imposed by existing utilities, stormwater structures, and an adjacent railroad line required a two-story design, which also enabled advantageous use of site topography. Cardno TEC successfully administered the LEED certification process for receipt of a Silver Certification, which includes Energy Modeling.