Infrastructure Management

Port Planning and Program Management, Port of Tacoma

Location: Port of Tacoma, WA
Client: Port of Tacoma

Cardno TEC has provided a variety of port planning and program management services to the Port of Tacoma, the eighth largest container port in North America. Cardno TEC prepared preliminary layouts and final design documents for redevelopment of Terminal 7, a 54-acre container terminal. For nearly 5 years, Cardno TEC provided on-site personnel in support of multiple development programs undertaken by the port to improve navigational access, redevelop existing container terminals, and develop new container terminals to significantly enhance the Port’s competitiveness as a major container port on the West Coast.

Cardno TEC was actively involved in the Blair Waterway Widening Program, contributing to all phases of permitting, design, and construction.  Cardno TEC also provided multiple personnel on a 5-year, $800 million redevelopment program to relocate an existing container terminal and develop a new 168-acre container terminal and intermodal facility, including new piers, wharves, buildings, utilities and related infrastructure.